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Happy Valentine’s Day

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Let us go to a country inn for Valentine’s, my love
We will pack a toothbrush and take the car
And drive there in a day
Traveling over rambling roads, past snowy fields
You will point out all the things along the way

We can talk about what we never get to talk about, my dearest friend
Perhaps a bit about the children and what we want to do at home
The dreams we’ve always shared.
When we come to some cafe along our route
We will stop and take our time for lunch as if we couldn’t care

It does not matter if we get there now or later, my comfort and my joy
Do you remember when the only time we counted
Was the time we spent apart
Each day I waited for the telephone to ring
As it did at twenty minutes from when all my waits would start

If it is clear when we arrive, we’ll poke around the town, my prize
Holding hands, greeting strangers and seeming from away
We love it in these villages
What do people do here to manage it each day
I wager going home you will ask me what the mileage is.

If it rains, we will lie inside our room and read our books, my sweet
Until soon of course I start to doze and roll to press against you
To feel your gentle breathing
That steady, purring engine that makes our world go round
And from which it keeps our feet from leaving

Finally, you will be my date for dinner over candlelight, my dear
We can hold our hands across the table, which the children won’t allow
While you choose what you prefer
Was there ever anyone in all those places along with us those nights
Only you are who I saw and only you were who I heard

Let us go to a country inn for Valentine’s, my love
We will pack a toothbrush and take the car
And return in just a day
Traveling over memories, past waypoints in our hearts
Sometimes love grows closer with a chance to get away.

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