Special Occasions
& Events

at The Hancock Inn

Throughout the year the Hancock Inn is host
to numerous special occasions, both yours and ours.


- of All Kinds -

Family parties to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or reunions, baby showers, tasting dinners for beer, wine, whiskey, local game and harvests, croquet tournaments, astronomical observations from our back field. We also host many “History Weekends” featuring field trips and dinner speakers that we hope delight our guests with a look at New Hampshire history courtesy of New Hampshire’s oldest inn.

It's Your Event...

So whether it’s a summer’s eve birthday dinner extravaganza under the stars; an autumn reunion chock full of hiking, leaf-peeping, and rousing end of season croquet tournament; or a private fireside wine-tasting to cap off a romantic winter ski vacation; our detail-oriented staff will work with you to surpass expectations and create a truly memorable experience to mark your special life event.

Let's Celebrate!

(603) 525-3318 or (800) 525-1789

Please contact us to discuss your celebratory wish list ideas, check room availability, and inquire about seasonal packages.